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Details about your call to action and what's on offer.

By choosing us you'll get the following benefits:

First Benefit Title

Describe the 3 most important things your product offers, in this section. Don't be afraid to repeat some or all of the points from the first section.

Second Benefit Title

This section uses a combination of images (icons), subheadings and short text descriptions to communicate 3 benefits in a way that's easy to consume.

Third Benefit Title

When describing these 3 benefits, always keep a solution focus. Your visitors are interested in the end result they can get more than in features and technicalities.

How to Triple Your Conversion Rate (by Using Beautiful Landing Pages)

List 3 Attention-Grabbing Things that Set Your Product Apart:

  • Describe the most important thing that your product does for your customers.
  • Mention a benefit that only you offer and that your visitor can't get from a competitor.
  • These points won't convince someone to buy right away, but you'll get your visitor's full attention.

Now that You've Got their Attention, it's Time to Talk About the Problem...

On this sales page, we're not beating around the bush. Right at the top, there's a product image and some points that set your product apart. However, even though this is a very product-focused page, keep in mind that people buy solutions, not products.

With that in mind, use this text section to describe the problem your ideal custom is facing. Some frustration that might arise from using a competing product, for example.

The most important point here is that you can relate to the problem your ideal customer is experiencing and trying to solve.

“Use a quote like this to add some visual variety to the text section - and to make an important point. The way the text is highlighted means it will get more attention than the regular paragraphs.”

How much time you want to spend on the pain points your visitor experiences depends on the product you're selling. For this template, we're going to transition from problem to solution after a relatively short text section.

“A testimonial like this can really boost sales...

“Adding testimonials for social proof is usually a good way to increase conversions. This is still early on in the page, so we're just adding one short (but powerful) testimonial before moving on to some more sales material.”

- John DoeSoftware Architect

This Text Section is an Element You Can Repeat Several Times on Your Sales Page

"Another example of a quote used to highlight some text."

Use this section to briefly describe a real example of how your product can lead to a specific result. Think of it as a mini case study, that adds an element of proof to the claims you make when talking about the features and benefits of your product.

The text section consists of a subheading, some paragraphs of text and occasional text highlights. You can repeat these same elements multiple times, whenever you need a few paragraphs to explain a specific feature or go into more details about some aspect of your offer.

What [this offer] Does for You:

Use these Sections for Your Product's Features

"Large images add a tangible component to your product description."

Each one of these sections consists of a subheading, some text, a large image and a button. These sections turn dull features into eye-catching highlights and they're especially good for showing off screenshots from your product in action.

This Zig-Zag Layout Helps Keep Readers Engaged

We've listed these five points in a zig-zag layout, alternating the sides image and text are shown on. This is a good way to avoid visual monotony and keep the page interesting.

  • The same applies to the text you use on the page. Use headings, short paragraphs and lists to avoid visual monotony.
  • Your goal is to get the most important points across while making your content easy to read.

An Easy Way to Present Screenshots

You can easily replace just the image in the element on the opposite side here. The "browser" frame and shadow are created in the editor and can be customized separately.

The images we use are 694x456px, but similar dimensions will work as well.

Link to Feature Landing Pages or Demo Videos

The "learn more" buttons in each of these sections can be used to link to feature pages. Those are landing pages that describe each feature in more detail. This can be useful to help visitors learn more about your product and it's also good for SEO.

You can also use the Animations & Actions panel in the editor to make a demo video open in an overlay, when a visitor clicks on the button.

The Perfect Number of Sections?

In this template, we have 5 of these zig-zag sections. You can easily change that number by removing or duplicating the sections.

There's no "right" or "perfect" number of sections to use. It's worth testing a longer page, where you list many features and benefits against a shorter one, where you highlight the highest value features and keep the list shorter.

“No image? No worries!”

“You can't always get a suitable image along with a testimonial. Here's a template that works well and matches the layout of the other testimonials, even if you have no author image to go with it.”

- Dean Jaconsson, Software Architect

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Use this text and the above headline for a clear call to action along the lines of: click the button below to get instant access to [product name]!

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