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New Web Designs

New Website Themes for 2024

Fast Website for a Small Business in 2024 by Mafost Marketing

Fast Blocks

This web design comes in any color and font combination to match your brand. The performance is FAST and gorgeous on mobile devices.

Website theme for small business, life coach, or freelancer by Mafost Marketing.


This website theme is light and provides a seamless user experience maximizing conversions for lead generation and revenue growth.

Product centered web design for e-commerce and lead funnels.


Place your product or service up front and in focus. Perfect web design for e-commerce, product landing pages, or download lead funnels.

Redefined Web Design for 2024 by Mafost Marketing.


Don't look like all the other websites. Stand out with this redefined website theme - it's perfect, but it's not what you expect.

Website theme for a professional by Mafost marketing.


This theme is perfect for the profession - real estate agent, consultant, marketer, freelancer, or attorney. 

Blogger, author, coach - the website is perfect.


It's the perfect website for an author, a portfolio, a blogger, consultant, or any solo business owner who wants to stand out.

Recent Designs

Recent Web Design Templates

Leave your mark online with websites that impress & perform! Whether you're building a lead funnel or full website for your small business, these designs are stunning and lightning fast!

Landing Page Blog 2023-Mafost Marketing copy

Mom Boss

Incorporating our new feminine color palettes, this web design is perfect the mompreneur running a blog, an affiliate site, or cash generating lead funnel!


Super-slick custom review driven sign up page for lead generation, affiliate marketing, referral marketing, and event signups.

Fastest Web Design 2023

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Lightning fast for today's mobile-first web traffic. Perfect for any business serious about website leads and revenue.

Lightweight Ecommerce and Woocommerce Website Theme

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Lightweight, yet robust enough to run your online shop or Woocommerce store.

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Fresh and new design to set your coaching, consulting, or professional website apart from the rest - for real estate, coaching, blogging, professional service businesses.

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This monochromatic design puts your brand front and center. Instantly recognizable brand identity paired with the newest code best practices.

Recent Client SAMPLES

Select Projects from Recent Clients

Tap an image below to view full size.

Local Car Wash Auto Detailing Website

Local Business Website

YYC Auto Detailing

With an existing, yet outdated website, we targeted core landing pages and offered full redesign optimizing for speed and local search traffic.

Fairfax Landscape and Gardening Local Website Design Gallery

Local Landscape Business Website


This local landscaping business needed a place to gather messages and phone calls for new business. We built a high-speed simple website to accomplish this objective.

Real Estate Website Design - Florida Real Estate Training School

Full Website with Course Registrations

Real Estate School

Florida real estate school promotes online, livestream, and in-person classes for state-approved real estate license courses. Built on Elementor.

Law Firm Website Design

4-Page Website for a Law Firm

Pratt Norman

This law firm needed a site that was fresh and easy-to-use - no distractions. We delivered this four-page legal website that checked all the boxes.

Listing Web Design

A listings site for eCommerce

Heritage Listings

This ecommerce business needed a website that would allow users to upload inventory and sell it. The website owner gets a cut of revenue, that's the listing website we built.

Shopify Website Design

Website with Lead Funnel

Shopify Store

A top-selling Amazon bring wanted to branch out and sell from their own website. So we created this ecommerce shop on the Shopify platform.

Website Design for Local Lawncare Business by Mafost Marketing

4-Page Website for Local Business

Property Pros

This local lawncare company needed a fast and clean website that connects local customers to their services. This website maxes out all of Google speed ratings!

Mafost Marketing creates the best Mailchimp Landing Pages for Lead funnels.

Lead Funnel Built on Mailchimp

Code Kaplan

Codekaplan is an online training company for software engineers and programmers. This landing page uses Mailchimp (What is a CRM?) to feed leads to the main website.

Above the Fold Landing Page by Mafost Marketing

Website with Lead Funnel


Lmitlss is a California-based business coaching website. The homepage is the only landing page needed to generate leads for this company.

Long Form Lead Generation Page

Property Elite

Property Elite is a German-based HR management firm in the real estate sector. This lead funnel is a first-touch from advertisements to property managers and commercial real estate companies.

Help with Ladning Pages and Funnels

Sales Page and Lead Generatoion

OG Notary

OG Notary is a remote notary service who needed a simple sales page to create conversions for their services and to generate leads.

Website with Lead Generation Built-In

Website with Built-In Lead Forms

Miracles on Lice

A local business wanted to dominate the local SEO, and we designed a fast-loading, animated landing page to help them accomplish this objective.

Landing Page for Insurance Agent with Lead Funnel

Landing Page for Insurance Agent

Rate Reductor

This insurance agent need a landing page with lead funnel that had an automatic insurance tool built-in. That's what we designed!

Live Event Registration


This leading sales consulting company needed a ClickFunnels landing page design for an upcoming live event. We used the model they gave us and designed it in ClickFunnels.

Ecommerce Website Design by Mafost Marketing

Lead Funnel with 2 Lead Magnets

Natural Spa

A UK-based online shop that provides 100s of ecommerce products. We create an SEO-driven shop and blog with landing pages.

Fast-loading responsive pages


CBNet is a Nigerian PR Firm focusing on the healthcare sector. We designed a two-offer lead funnel to book consultations and update contact information from leads.

Sales Page (left), Splash Page (right)

Pup Labs

Pup Labs is a leading pet commerce company in the United States. We designed a sales funnel that includes videos and purchasing options for visitors.

Landing Page for Services

College Money

An updated lead generation landing page was much in need. So we designed this sleek landing page.

Website Design Samples from Mafost marketing

Lead Funnel with 2 Lead Magnets

Atomic Assist

An outsourced paralegal company specializing in medical records needed a lead funnel. We designed a series of landing page and automated emails with a vibrant and sharp brand identity.

Remote Service Business Website

uShot iEdit

uShot iEdit is a remote video editing company, and we designed a classic business website with modern animations and designs. It features a lead magnet and online client tools.

Online Magazine Selling Ad Space

Sailboat Life

This online magazine needed a content-focused website built for speed, email signups, and advertising. We built the full website from the ground up to help them generate revenue from selling ad space.


Landing Page Designs: Webinars, Lead Generation, Sales

Below are 8 landing page samples designed for conversions. Click the image to experience the live landing page.

LP Design 1

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LP Design 2

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LP Design 3

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LP Design 4

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LP Design 5

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LP Design 6

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LP Design 7

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LP Design 8

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Live Website demos

Responsive, Mobile-First, and Fast

The following website templates can be used as a website theme or for stand alone landing pages and lead funnels. Click a preview button below to experience the fast-loading and elegant designs.

See our latest demo sites here >>

Website Designs for 2024

2024 Demo Site 1

Gold standard for business.

2024 Demo Site 2

Perfect for e-commerce or listings.

2024 Demo Site 3

Sales funnel site.

2024 Demo Site 4

Minimalist, yet bold.

2024 Demo Site 5

Cutting edge, elegant simplicity.

Website Designs for 2023


Brand messaging with modern mobile-first design.

Clean 2

Classic business lines with modern mobile-first design.

Website Design Samples - Clean 2 Mafost Marketing

Earth 2

Fresh, gentle lines with brand messaging at the forefront.

Website Design Samples - Earth 2 Mafost Marketing

Organic 2

Light, natural, and curved. This web design works for any brand.

Energy 2

A bold monochromic look that create brand recognition and action from visitors. 

Electric 2

Bold, yet simplistic. Your message is at the forefront, your brand color is central - the ultimate in sophistication.

Generate 2

A classic business websites never felt so good. Compel new customers with this fresh design.

Website Designs 2022


Curved edges and muted tones give this responsive website a clean edge.


With subtle animations and circular designs, this website is modern and fresh.


A combination of Gentle and Organic, these website appeals to many brands.


Bold and sharp. The edges and icons send an energetic feel, perfect for bold brands.


This website design grabs attention and elicits user action.


A combination of bright color and line-oriented designs creates action on this website.


A modern twist on a traditional business website design. This website is conversion focused.


Minimalism meets warm design. Perfect for personal brands, service businesses, or event websites.

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