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“We” = Matt and fellow creators at Mafost Marketing. “You” = The buyer or contractor of our services. We work to your satisfaction and guarantee best practices in all our services.

This policy creates boundaries for our working relationship. Boundaries create accountability and transparency.

Projects begin with your vision, evolve with our collaboration, and end with real results.

Revisions are built into the process.

Revision Policy

Whether we’ve connected online, by email, at Fiverr, or here on the website, our services are legally binding to this policy.

  1. We shall provide ongoing revisions free of cost to ensure the creation is aligned to project order details. You shall review all projects, order details, and order requirements before submitting an order, and we shall either incorporate all suggestions/feedback during the creation process or provide professional recommendations on best practices.
  2. Revision requests should be made within the timeline of the project. Requests made after delivery or within 24 hours of the due date might incur additional charges. Revisions may be added to a project or purchased in advance.
  3. After the project delivery, additional revisions may be made within a 3-day grace period. If the order/project details has an agreed upon number of revisions, we’ll limit our number of revisions to that agreement.
  4. Redesigns (see Definitions below) might require a new project or can be included in the project with add-ons.
  5. We shall not entertain any revision request that entails the reworking of an entire project unless our work is not aligned with order details.
  6. Revisions beyond the 3-day grace period might incur additional costs. Revisions requests submitted 7 or more days after project delivery will be considered a fresh, new project requiring new payment.

When submitting revision requests, it’s recommended to organize them into a single document, so that we both can work from a clear set of revisions. This is considered a “round of revisions“.


As is common practice, the creations of Mafost Marketing will retain public credit. This provides additional authority to your brand, a subtle form of advertising, and an easy way to remain in contact for future inquiries.

For example, there may be a stamp in the code of the website, backlinks in an article that we write, or a small font in the footer of a website. If you wish to remove these traces of credit, we can do so for a white labeling fee.


Add-Ons – Extra services or products that can be included in a project. Costs of add-ons vary.

New Project – An altogether different scope of work than the work that is contracted or agreed upon.

Ongoing Revisions – Adjustments made during the project based on your input.

Project – The set of tasks, services, and resources required to achieve a goal for your business (i.e. design a website, run 4 weeks of ads, etc). A project has a start date and an end date (“delivery”).

Project Requirements – The set of questions, answers, and information needed to complete a project.

Redesign – A major adjustment of work, creative, or copy (i.e. changing a product line, adjusting more than 100 words on a web page, changing of objective in a campaign, new brand assets or identity, etc)

Revision – A minor adjustment of work, creative, or copy (i.e. replacing an image on a webpage, updating a headline, correcting typos, increasing an ad budget, etc)

Round of Revisions – A list, set, or single revision submitted is a round of revisions – whether or not the revision work is completed. Submitting revision requests in a combined text or Word document is the recommended way to keep the revision rounds organized and manageable.

Scope – The agreed-upon boundaries of work as detailed in the Project Details.

Policy Modifications

We reserve the right to modify, amend, alter and/or vary the terms and conditions of this Policy at our sole discretion with or without providing you due notice of the same.

Mafost Marketing is a subsidy of TeamTom Education LLC – the makers of creativity, learning, and discovery.

Privacy Policy is tied to our Terms of Service and Licensing Policy.

When we take on jobs for you, this revision policy, terms of Services, and Licensing Policy form the basis of our agreement. Both parties shall be held to these policies.

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