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Brand Essentials Worksheet

If you simply want to get started on a website without having a brand guide or a marketing plan in place, then you at least need this.

It’s a brand essentials worksheet for your website. It includes:

  • Brand Guide Essentials. This allows you to define the most essential pieces of your brand identity.
  • Marketing Essentials. You will find a series of questions that walk you through your brand from the eyes of the customer. What problems do you solve for them? What are the unique benefits of your products or services?
  • Your Business. This section of the worksheet asks you questions to help you build out copy and content for landing pages and web pages.

The hardest part of the brand essentials worksheet is also the most important part: thinking about your business in terms of the customer. It’s the most important piece because your website is not a showcase of your business. It’s a showcase of how well you understand your customer.

Remember that, and you’ll build trust, authority, and revenue.