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A backlink is a link from one website to another that indicates the quality and relevance of the content on the linked site. Backlinks are important for SEO because they help search engines determine which sites are trustworthy and popular for certain keywords.

A good backlink comes from a high-authority, relevant, and trustworthy site that uses your target keyword in the anchor text. A low-quality backlink comes from a low-authority, irrelevant, or spammy site that uses generic or unrelated anchor text.

Top Backlinks

In the domain overview report, we provide a short list of your top backlinks. They are the websites with the highest estimated authority linking to your site.

Backlinks in the Domain Overview Report
Top Backlink Domains based on estimate Site Authority

Backlinks come in the form of anchor text. This is the text used to link to your site. For example,

I want to work with a great SEO expert. This backlink is to the our main website and the anchor text is “work with a great SEO expert.”

Screenshot of the anchor text example.

Anchor text is important because it tells search engines the topic of the link. This provides “link juice” to you site for that topic helping to bolster it in search results.

Referring Domains

In your backlink profile, you want “follow links” from reputable websites. Watch for domains that come from countries that have no business with your company.

This business only sells products in the US. Backlinks from other countries in large quantities indicate SPAM, toxic affiliations, or blackhat SEO practices such as buying links.

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