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SEO Strategy

A solid marketing plan captures new business with SEO Strategy. SEO Strategy is the overarching set of tools and techniques for Search Engine Optimization. This encompasses a range of techniques and tactics to help an ever-increasing audience discover your brand as they search for you online.

SEO Strategy is less of a techie thing, and more of a long-term strategy to increase the user experience on your website, develop a content plan that build trust in your brand, and ultimately, generate demand for your business.

Good SEO results in long-term growth in organic traffic. That means less cost per acquisition and more profit. It’s the one marketing that generates long-term traffic “free” growth for your business.

Ads are paid media. They generate short-term results that you directly pay for. Social media is earned media. Your social platforms are temporary spaces that you don’t own.

SEO is a direct long-term investment in the growth of your website – the online asset that your business owns.

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Let’s dig deeper into the various aspects of SEO. SEO Strategy includes:

Competitor Analysis by Mafost Marketing
SEO Strategy Begins with Competitor Analysis (Tap to open full size)