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How To Edit in WordPress, Blogs and Webpages

Every page built in WordPress uses simple blocks of code. The great thing is you don’t need any knowledge of coding to edit in WordPress. Whether you’re in a blog post or a webpage (like a landing page or homepage), it’s super simple to edit use WordPress blocks.

Something not in this post, but so important to prioritize is keeping the website organized.

Editing a WordPress Block

If you click a block in WordPress a simple options menu pops up. It includes options to change the type of block (i.e. paragraph, headings, quotes). It also allows you to bold, italicize, and link text.

Simple Editing Options in WordPress

If you click the 3 dots at the end of the options bar, you will see more options. Two important choices here are duplicate and remove.

Duplicate and Remove Blocks

On the right hand of the screen, you will see a sidebar. This includes additional options for the page and for the active block that you’re editing. In the example below, you can see how to change the background color of a WordPress block.

How to Add Color to Your WordPress Page or Blog Post

Color is the easiest way to avoid creating a “wall of text”. A little touch here or there is all that’s needed. And it should serve a purpose.

Pro Tip: Keep all colors aligned to your brand guide.

Adjust the color of text and backgrounds

If you click on the background options you will see a small set of default colors. If you click custom, a new range of hues and transparencies appear.

Selecting Custom Colors to Match Your Brand Palette (click to explore sample color palettes).

Adding Blocks in WordPress

Okay, now let’s look at adding additional blocks to your page. There are two ways to access the blocks menu:

  1. Look for a blue plus (+) icon in the upper left of your screen. Click that icon.
  2. Hover your mouse between two blocks and the same blue plus (+) icon appears. Click that icon.
Access the Menu of Blocks to Add One to Your Page

The blocks menu includes paragraph blocks, headings, lists, quotes, images, columns, and many more! Click one of the options to add it to your page.

Choose a WordPress Block, So Many to Pick From!

Dragging and Moving WordPress Blocks

Once you get a few blocks on your page, you might want to rearrange them. This is super simple.

Click a block that you’d like to move.

You will see the basic options menu pop up. Then use the 6 dots to drag the block, or use the up/down arrows to move the block vertically.

Drag Your Blocks Right Where You Want Them With the 6 Dots

Replacing Images

So you’ve added a few blocks and moved them around. Now it’s time to replace the images with your own.

Click the image you want to replace. Then click replace from the hover menu. You will be prompted to upload an image or select from the images that are already on your website.

How To Replace Images in WordPress

One final note to get you started editing your WordPress pages.

After adding a few blocks, it can be easy to get lost. So there’s a nifty little breadcrumb at the bottom of your screen. This helps you see the layers of blocks. You can click on the layer in the breadcrumb that you wish to edit.

Breadcrumbs Make It Easy to Navigate Your Blocks

I hope you found this quick tutorial helpful!

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