What Do Your Brand Colors Say?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the colors themselves speak volumes. That's why your brand color palette needs to match your brand identity, your messaging, and your audience.

Blog Colors 

Bloggers unite! These palettes are the freshest in blog design - for personal brands, influencers, agents, and professionals alike. Set your brand apart with subtle, yet distinguished palettes. Don't let the dude and babe names scare you off - these colors are for any badass ready to publish.

Blog Babe 1

Blog Babe 2

Blog Babe 3

Blog Dude 1

Blog Dude 2

Blog Dude 3

Bold Colors 

If you want to be memorable, grab attention, and spark emotion, go bold. Don't hold back. Some of the best brands have bold color palettes - Verizon hot pink, FedEx purple, Sprite green, Spotify green, Lyft pink, Home Depot orange, and H & R Block bright green.

Bold Red 1

Bold Red 2

Bold Neon 1

Bold Pink 1

Bold Purple 1

Bold Purple 2

Bold Purple 3

Earthy Tones

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Bold Colors

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Business Hues

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Retro Colors

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Color increases brand recognition, highlights elements on a landing page, and influences how your audience feels.

See how the same webpage changes with a different color palette!

Primary Colors and Classic Business Hues

There's a good reason major corporations use this cornerstones of colors - they work! Google and Microsoft proudly tout the primary palette, while other businesses stick with classic hues - McDonald's Yellow, Coca Cola red, Facebook blue, and Ford blue. 

Primary Colors 1

Primary Colors 2

Primary Colors 3

Vibrant Blue 1

Business Blue 1

Business Blue 2

Business Green 1

Business Green 2

The Seventies

It's more than Earth tones, it's a chill vibe - relaxation. Burnt tones of gold, orange, and avacado take center stage. The color palettes are soothing and hip.

70s Orange 1

70s Orange 2

70s Orange 3

Muted Colors

Muted colors are in. They speak subtly and kindly giving those good feels that every brand wants. They appeal to the less than 40 year old group the most, but often seen as a differentiating factor to the 40+ crowd who have been bombarded for decades with classic brand colors.

Muted Blue 1

Color Palettes for Brand Guides

Muted Blue 2

Muted Color Palette for Business Brands

Muted Blue 3

Muted Yellow 1

Muted Yellow 2

Muted Yellow 3

Muted Pink 1

Muted Pink 2

Muted Pink 3

Earth Tones

Earth tones are always in. They're not only appealing and functional, but they also communicate a sense warmth, reassurance, and organic qualities.

Earthy Forest 1

Earthy Forest 2

Earthy Olive 1

Earthy Olive 2

Earthy Olive 3

Earthy Red 1

Earthy Red 2

Earthy Red 3


A classic color that speaks style, luxury, and formality. Use it in heavy doses to achieve an encompassing feel, or use it sparingly to say sophisticated and premium.

Black Black 1

Black Black 2

Black Yellow 1


Not just bold and not just 70s, retro is the fun, edgy, and techy side of the color palettes. Contast is key and neons pair well with soft colors.

Retro Aqua 1

Retro Pink 1

Retro Pink 2

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