Brand Identity

If pictures are worth a thousand words then the imagery and design associated with your brand are worth more than any advertisement or sales letter.

Your fonts, imagery, logo, design choices, and messaging all come together to create your brand identity.

A memorable brand builds authority, trust, and relationships strategic branding across all channels, content, and products.

Your brand needs a brand guide. It’s a document that your marketing team uses to guide advertising, website design, and your overall branding.

Your brand guide should at a minimum include four elements of brand identity:

  1. Color palette and logo with acceptable use examples.
  2. Typography. This is the font, font sizes, and use examples.
  3. Messaging. Your core headlines, value propositions, and taglines.

Explore Samples of Brand Identity

View Sample Color Palettes

Find inspiration, rethink your color choices, and update your identity.

View Sample Typography

Discover font families that will bring your messaging to life.

View Sample Music

Sonic branding for your ads, videos, and media content.

Starting With A Brand Guide

This is a document that guides all design decisions within your company. If you want to be memorable, then you need consistency. That’s a consistent message and brand identity across ads, social platforms, email marketing, and web design.

If you don’t have a brand guide, but are starting into web design, you might have the cart before the horse.

And a brand guide doesn’t need to be complex. A simple 2-4 page document showcasing your color palette, your typography, key messaging, and logo variations will suffice.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the manner in which your business or brand expresses itself visually and verbally. It includes all the visual, auditory, and design elements of advertising, product design, and public relations.

What is a Brand Guide?

Also known as a style guide, a brand guide is a document that outlines the imagery, logos, color palettes, typography, and core messaging of your brand. It usually provides sample images, designs, patterns, social posts, landing pages, and business cards. It’s an irreplaceable tool for your marketing strategy.

How do I create a Unique and Memorable Brand?

Start with a brand guide that expresses the way you want our customers to think and feel when they see/hear your brand. Think of your brand values and how you communicate them through your services and products. Then use design features and sonic branding to match.

Need Help Getting Started With Your Brand Identity?

Contact us to develop or revise your brand guide to align with your marketing objectives!